Fulshear Lakes Recreation Center & All Fulshear Lakes Amenities

As is typical to master planned communities, Fulshear Lakes initial phases of residential development include millions of dollars of amenities which are constructed in phases. Please read our community amenity statement below.

These include but are not limited to, items such as entry monuments, trails, parks, Elver Fly Lake, Riley Lake, Sheffield Park, landscaping, irrigation, mailbox covers, playgrounds, swings, shade structures, park portals lighting and signage. Master-planned communities typically add amenities as part of and are supported by additional phases of development. For more substantial items, like recreation centers, design and delivery timing is based on the size and scale of the community and the pace of home sales required to support such amenities and the timing of the development of the recreation center site to make it ready and available for future construction. Not all master-planned communities have and/or are planned to have the same amenities. The nature and character of the community and the design and programming of amenities create a unique look, feel and experience for each community. Fulshear Lakes is unique and is set against the backdrop of Bessie’s Creek with some gentle topography and 4 planned lakes. Fulshear Lakes is planned to have amenities that will evolve over time as they are designed and constructed in concert with additional phases of development.

A community recreation center and pool are one of the planned amenities for a site north of Bessie’s Creek and between Elver Fly Lake and Fulshear Lakes Way in a future phase of development. While the timing for the delivery of the recreation center has not been released, general programming and phasing information for the recreation center will be released when the design is completed. The anticipated start and anticipated completion will be announced in the future based on the pace of home sales and after the proposed site is developed and prepared and made available for construction after bids based on the design have been approved and the estimated construction schedule is finalized with the contractor(s). Additional amenities related to future phases of development will also be constructed based on the pace of home sales which also informs the timing for future phases of development which are necessary to support such amenities.

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